Perm, Russia

Deputy Director for Special Education (Artistic Director) of the Perm State Ballet School. He is an Honoured Worker of Arts of Russia, Honoured Teacher of Russia, and Honoured Worker of Culture of Mongolia.

He graduated from the Perm State Ballet School in 1967 (class of Yuli Plakht) and was immediately accepted by the ballet company of the Pushkin Opera and Ballet Theatre in Gorky (at present Nizhny Novgorod), where he danced the leading roles in the ballet repertoire and began to teach. In 1977, he graduated with honours from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts — GITIS in Moscow and began teaching at the Perm State Ballet School. From 1989 to 2003, he taught at the Ankara State Conservatory. In 2003, he returned to work in Perm.

During his time in Perm he has trained more than ten classes of graduates, including two Mongolian classes. His former pupils are leading soloists at theatres in Russia, Germany, Turkey and the USA. Many of them have won state awards, and they include People’s Artists and Honoured Artists of Russia amongst their number. They are Victor Dick, Albert Galician, Sergey Tsvetkov, Sergey Kurakin, Leonid Sychev, Vitaly Poleshchuk, and others.

He won the “Soul of Dance” prize in the nomination “Teacher” (2008), instituted by the Ballet magazine.

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